School Gazebos

Classic School Gazebos are 4m and 6m in diameter and can be used as outdoor classrooms or parent waiting areas. With internal seats and a number of roof and side options. The popular 4m gazebo when used as an outdoor classroom has a capacity of around 30 students . The hexagonal design of the shelter works well as a teaching area and helps teachers to keep the children’s attention for longer.

Parent Waiting Areas

Nature Area Classrooms

The School Gazebos are ideal for placing an outdoor classroom in your school’s Nature or Conservation area, providing opportunities for investigation and exploration in an exciting natural environment.

Handcrafted Wooden Products - Wooden Gazebo 2

Gazebo – Seats & Desks

This Gazebo includes desks as well as and seating to provide an excellent outdoor classroom experience, which can be used for almost any subject.

Handcrafted Wooden Products - Wooden Gazebo 11

Gazebo – External Seats

Seating internally and externally increases the opportunities of how you can use this fantastic Gazebo as an outside classroom, whilst also increasing it’s capacity to hold more people.

Outdoor Classroom

Gazebo – Wooden Roof

The all timber frame and roof gives an all around natural feel to this versatile Gazebo, which can be used a playground shelter, an outdoor classroom or play canopy.

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